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An Alternative to Netsuite?

Is there currently a SaaS offering that is an alternative to Netsuite? Yes! The answer is WinWeb. WinWeb gives you transformational enterprise level cloud computing for your growing business. One unified business management suite, combining traditional back-office, social media, web services, customer care, online & offline multi-channel sales and fulfilment activities. WinWeb CLOUD supports you and your team through the whole business cycle with all the tools you need in one simple, customised cloud interface. Giving your business a limitless, scalable business development platform, for profit and growth.

The pricing structure of WinWeb’s CLOUD offering compares very favourably with that of Netsuite.
The all-in-one customisable and flexible WinWeb Cloud from £599 per month/3 users included, billed annually.

Or why not try WinWeb APPS Industry Solutions for any size business. Whether you are a retail, wholesale, services, manufacturing, health care, financial, non-profit, membership, or franchise. Work from anywhere, updates included. Nothing to install and no long contract.

Everyone should have Business Software this Advanced – Now you can with WinWeb APPS.

Your business software not only needs to grow with your needs, it also needs to be able to change with your needs. Only truly integrated cloud software can deliver these objectives. WinWeb APPS will work for any Micro Business as it will for any Enterprise.

WinWeb CLOUD is a fully integrated and customisable solution dedicated to helping businesses become financially sustainable by providing them with access to the tools they will need at an affordable price. It is a system that is agile and flexible enough to provide custom app offerings to every industry and unlike other similar companies, those custom options won’t break the bank and they are very easy and quick to implement.

Let’s take a quick look at what a business can get from WinWeb Cloud:

  • Enterprise and Manufacturing Resource Planning (ERP/MRP)

    Including Financial Management, Supply Chain, Inventory, Order Management, Billing & Invoicing, Shipping & Fulfilment, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Production Scheduling, Bill of Materials, Purchase Management, Material Requirement Planning, Capacity Requirement Planning, Warehousing, Subscription and Time Billing and more …

  • Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

    Real-time process and production monitoring/reporting for manufacturing businesses – via Industrial Ethernet and/or industrial PDQ units.

  • Projects & Tasks Management (PTM)

    Project setup, project history, project team management, project pipelines and charts.

  • Multi Location

    Real-time integration of every fixed and mobile location, like multiple stores, multiple offices, delivery vans and trucks, will greatly enhance business efficiencies, save time and money.

  • Business Reporting & Analytics

    Hundreds of standard reports, including financial performance, client, sales, reporting and customised reporting.

  • Customer Service & Helpdesk

    Delight your customers by streamlining your support and deliver faster customer care.

  • Big Data

    Correlating internal business data with large scale external data sources to provide new insights into your business and open your business to new business opportunities.

  • eCommerce & ePOS

    Complete eCommerce solutions, from shop floor to online fully integrated into all aspects of WinWeb Business Cloud.

  • Private Business Cloud (PBC)

    Instead of hosting your cloud applications in the public cloud you can choose to have your cloud applications in your own data centre.

  • Website & Blog Integration

    Promote your business via social media. Interact with your clients.

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    360 degree client view including client history, client file store, social media, transaction & financial overview and many more customisation options for a complete client picture.

  • Business Planning

    Business plan, cashflow forecast, SWOT analysis, business model canvas.

  • Digital Marketing

    Using our proprietary DITE technology (Discovery-Interaction- Transaction-Endorsement) to promote your products and services online, fully integrated into your back-office.

  • Cloud Chat & Message Board

    Real time collaboration tools to keep your team on track and communicating locally, nationally and world-wide.

  • Email, SMS & Newsletter

    Client communication via every channel possible, totally integrated.

  • Social Media Integration

    Communicating with clients on all relevant social media platforms in an integrated way is essential for any sustainable business – and creates lasting brand awareness.

  • Online Disk & Data Backup

    Keep all your data securely and online backed-up 24/7 with as much storage space as you need, fully encrypted.

  • Desktops. Tablets. Mobile

    Access your WinWeb Business Cloud on any device of your choice at no extra cost.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to Netsuite look no further you’ve found one it’s WinWeb.

Now that’s an alternative. The way you like I.T …
To find out more about Winweb CLOUD or WinWeb APPS contact us

Running an Online Store

Buying and selling items online may be one of the hardest things for many beginners who enjoy their time online.  Many people look to the internet to find ways to make money and start things from scratch. The best way to start from scratch online is by creating  your own business.  The business does not have to be big, or make a bunch of money.  As long as the site allows you to make a little bit of money, that is easy for you, it will be considered a success.

Creating  an online store to sell online is easy, and can be done just by buying certain software for your site online. The ecommerce software is cheap and very easy to use and set up.  Many people think setting up an online store will be the hard part, but actually it is getting people to the site that is the hard part. To sell online, it will take a lot of patience and time.  You will have to get customers to your site; who actually want to buy and who will get other customers to your site.  Selling online will be easy for you if you give it time and money.

E-commerce Site Affiliate Program Software

A merchant affiliate program is an essential part of any ecommerce business whether it’s big or small. If you own a small e-commerce site, you can still effectively useit to get huge streams of traffic and sales. Discover how to harness the power of an affiliate program and howyou can grow your business by leaps and bounds. Well establishedretailers have used this method for years to build a successfulbusiness and brand. It’s now easier than ever for you to get in on the action.

A merchant affiliate program is not only one of the most useful marketing toolsin your arsenal, it is also one of the most affordable. Unliketraditional advertising where you are required to pay up front not knowing whether or not it will actually improve your business,affiliate programs will not cost you anythingunless you see results. It is literally like having anentire sales force doing all the hard work for you andyou reward them with a commission if they help you make a sale. The benefits of having an affiliate program softwareare enormous. Affiliates spread your links all over the web which help toincrease your traffic which leads to more sales. As a result ofall of the backlinks your affiliates are spreading throughout the web, yourweb site will improve its search engine ranking which will result in more organic traffic and even moresales.

You have to first make sure your e-commerce solution offers a built-in fully integrated affiliate program software. Onceyou set up the commission structure and everything else, you can start to find the right affiliates to help promoteyour site. How a merchant affiliate program works is aperson registers and gives you their information to join your program. Then they areable to publish your text links, image links and banner ads on their web sites, blogs and forums across the internet. The important thing for you to keep in mind is you need to select people you think will be able to help you the most, ideally someone who owns a site with relevant information or is in the same niche. It is alsoyour responsibility to remind your affiliates not tospam, because after all it’s your reputation that’son the line. The best way to get more targeted affiliates to want to help promote your site is to provide them with appropriate tools to make their life easier. Haveprofessionally written sales letters, text, image andbanner links available for them to simply copy and use wherever they want.Send them new alerts for seasonal or promotional discounts to remind them that they areyour affiliates, because a lot of people who join fail to do anything. What you have to do is stay on top of youraffiliates and be proactive in order to get them to do what they need to do efficiently.

There are several features to look for when choosing an ecommerce solution that has an affiliate program software. Here is a list of what theyshould be able to do:

Be fully automated
Track affiliate referrals and sales
Calculate commissions
Record and report payments
Have an easy signup process
Allow you to set up commission structure
Provide an admin area for your affiliates
Have recurring payouts
Provide auto generated affiliate links
Have mailing functions to contact affiliates
Store cookies
Have fraud protection

There is more to having a successful merchant affiliate program thanjust setting it up on your ecommerce website. You mustdo your part to promote the program in order to get the scalability you need to have a large team of affiliates hard at work for you. Makesure you submit details of your program to affiliatedirectories and networks. If you place it in the right category, you shouldbe able to attract targeted affiliates. Another good way to attract the type of affiliates you want is to actively search for them. Have a look around discussion forums, websites and blogs that have someconnection to your products and contact anyone who you think will be appropriate. Search for your direct competitors and find out the sites that link to them. Then contact thewebmasters and introduce your online store and affiliate program. Last but not least, do not overlook the importance of onpage SEO. Choose relevant keywords to describe your products and merchantaffiliate program and make sure to use it throughout your affiliate sign uppage. Good SEO will help you attract people specifically lookingto promote your type of products.

To be able to start an affiliate program you have to first select an e-commerce solution that has the ability to work with a large group of affiliates. Choosing the right solution to handle and manage every oneof your potential affiliates is critical. It must beeasily set up and work well by itself so that you are free to focus onthe other parts of the business.

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