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LearnVest Review – Exclusive Review of LearnVest

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for this week’s review. Today, we’re going to look at one of the most unique personal finance management tools out there. The tool is LearnVest. The biggest reason it’s unique is that it was designed to be custom tailored to women. The program is meant to teach women the concepts involved in better money management. Let’s see if this program stacks up as a viable option in today’s review!

LearnVest Short Review

LearnVest Pros: LearnVest offers an incredibly easy to use platform that makes it simple to find and manage everything you need. Another cool thing about LearnVest is that it allows you to attach all of your finance accounts ranging from credit cards to checking accounts, investment accounts, loans, credit cards, mortgages, and more! The program watches your spending and other aspects of your overall financial profile and gives suggestions that help you to take control of your finances! Oh yea, and it’s free!

LearnVest Cons: There’s really not much bad to be said about LearnVest. The only thing I can come up with is they haven’t provided a way to track cash purchases. I don’t know about you, but I still have some of that green paper floating around from here to there. I think at some point for one of these financial management platforms to reign supreme, they’re going to need to offer a way to track cash purchases too. I’m sure a simple input system would be fine, but no one seems to be offering it.

LearnVest Overall: Overall, LearnVest is an amazing program that I’d recommend to anyone that wants to take control of their finances. Although it was designed for women, I think it works perfect no matter what sex you are. Not to mention, it’s free. So, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

LearnVest Long Review

Short reviews are never enough to get into any great detail on a product or service. That being said, thanks for sticking around for the long review. In true, Modest Money review fashion, let’s start off with the price. Ready? The price is free! That’s right, the service is absolutely, 100% FREE. LearnVest makes their money through advertisements so that they don’t have to charge you a dime in the process of helping you manage your money.

So, What Exactly Does LearnVest Do?

It’s actually better to ask what it doesn’t do when it comes to personal finance management. When you sign up for an account, you attach all of your debts, checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, etc… to your profile. Once everything is attached to your profile, LearnVest software will dig through and look for improvements in all areas of your financial profile. That may be cuts in spending or telling you which debts are best to pay off. Although many applications offer these types of services, I haven’t come across a more intuitive option. The system is very accurate!

Isn’t There Danger In Giving A Company Access To So Much Information?

Yes, it is dangerous to give access to all of your financial data to some companies. However, LearnVest isn’t just any company, they’re LearnVest. They have made a name for themselves in the personal finance industry by offering exceptional tools, awesome training, and top of the line security measures on your accounts. Although it may be dangerous to give your information to just anyone, they aren’t just anyone, they’re know for being a trustworthy, secure company.

Some Of My Favorite LearnVest Features

Categorizing Income and Purchases – If you’re a fan of the Monday Money series, you know that I’m a budget nut. Unlike most people, I actually love to sit down and crunch numbers to see where I can improve. However, using LearnVest makes it so you don’t have to. Once you attach your accounts, the program automatically categorizes everything for you. This way, you can go into the account once in a while and see where improvements in your budget can be made, since they’ve already done the work of separating and categorizing the purchases you’ve made.

Debt Advice – Debt can be overwhelming to say the least. Not knowing where to start, it may seem almost impossible to dig your way out of debt. However, LearnVest makes it simple. They show you opportunities to reduce overall interest paid by allocating funds to the right debts at the right times. And I’ve gotta say, their advice is spot on.

Education – This is the strongest point that LearnVest has going for them. They want to do a lot of things, but one more than anything else. Their ultimate goal is to educate their users on money management and how to save. Through various forms of education material, they teach everything from basic strategies to advanced strategies that revolve around saving money and living a more financially free lifestyle.

My Overall Thoughts Of LearnVest

LearnVest is an absolutely amazing company and I would tell all my friends and family to use it if asked. The bottom line is, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. LearnVest is more than a personal finance management software, they go beyond showing you what you can do with your finances. Their core goal is to teach you the fundamental aspects of living a financially free lifestyle, which I think is great! And you know what else? The do a great job at it!

Retirement Planning – Why and When?

Retirement Planning

When researching and discussing retirement planning and options, I get these questions frequently. Despite the constant news coverage of impending doom, many, if not most Americans are still depending on their social security payments to support them through their retirement. The sad fact is that it simply isn’t possible. It is doubtful that Social Security by itself would be enough to get the average American through their twilight years.Americans are living longer and longer. And, we are leading more active lives. Retiremetn has a new meaning today! Gone are the days when retirees sat at home reading newspapers and playing cards every other afternoon. Today’s retirees are traveling, taking classes, learning to dance, and trying new things that they were not able to experience while setting aside funds for the future and going about the business of raising their own families. Now they are taking the time to do all these great things, butthese great activities and pastimes require funds in order to enjoy.This is the number one reason you should begin as early as possible to set aside funds for your retirement but make active plans to invest those funds to maximize the potential of limited funds. You, and only you, can decide on your desired retiremetn lifestyle. Once you have that well in mind, you should take your plans, goals, and concerns to a financial planner and seek their advice on setting specific goals, better defining your plans, and making the most of your investment means. You also will need to establish a realistic investment strategy that will not leave you feeling strapped for cash month after month.The important role that a good financial planner and good planning play in our financial futures cannot be overlooked. We need to take advantage of every opportunity to maximize our money. A good financial advisor will know of funds and strategies that we have never heard of. It makes sense to go to an expert when it concerns our family’s future. We see experts when it comes to matters of law, health, and taxes-why on earth shouldn’t we see an expert for our finances? Just be certain that you hire a “Fee paid” financial planner who derives his or her income from the advice they give you rather than any commissions or fees that are related to your investments. You want to make sure that you planner is your friend and not trying to live off of investment recommendations that he/she makes to you. You earned the monay and deserve all of the benefits and earnings from its investment.Why is it so important to have a plan? This is so that you won’t end up needing a job in order to put food on your table once you’ve reached retirement age. A recent U. S. Census Bureau survey reported that nearly 65 % of Americans reaching age 62 this year will have less than $25,000 in net assets. That will hardley support a decent retirement lifestyle. The sad truth is that many of our retired citizens are finding themselves strapped for cash financially and barely able to make ends meet. If they are fortunate enough to have homes that are paid for, they often find the property taxes, medical bills, the higher cost of living, etc are putting so much presseure on retirement budgets that manyare having a rough time without some sort of assistance. All of the unprecedented price increases over the last two decades coupled with our improved longevity give us some very real reasons to make plans for your future retirement.It is best to begin making these plans as early as possible. If you begin the process a little later, however, It is not impossible to recover . The problem is that you will need to make some extra investments along the way or build some supplemental retirement income just to make up for lost time. The sooner you begin making plans for your financial retirement the healthier your retirement options will be. The best way to go about this is to define your retirement goals early on, make written plans, and then take them to a financial advisor and get his or her input. Investing smarter is much wiser than investing harder. With the advent of the Internet in our society, there are many new opportunities to earn some extra income to accelerate your retirement savings or to supplement your retirement income once you have retired. Do not overlook these opportunities as they not only provided some needed income without having to leave you retirement nest, but they also provide some fun, exciting and rewarding activities for your retirement years. Don Seibert is a retired business executive who, as an Expert Author, writes timely articles on many issues concerning sources of retirement income Having retired three times, he now is the host of Visit the site for a complete discussion of Retirement Planning and Retirement Income Options

Find Christmas Gift Ideas Online

Christmas Gifts

Do you need great Christmas gift ideas ? You can find great Christmas gift ideas in the internet. Actually if you want to have a unique gift then you can give a hand-made gift. There are many sites in the internet that sell hand-made gift including books, bags, scarf and many more. I am always buy a hand-made gift online because I ever received the same gift from my friends in my birthday so I do not want to give a gift that is the same with other.

For this Christmas, I will give 5 strands of handspun purple art yarn silver tone findings and heart toggle clasp 18″ as shown or twist it to morph into a choker style for my best friend as one of the ideas for Christmas gifts that I found in the internet. I knew that my friend love purple color then I thinks she will like it. I will buy Wool in gray with pink handspun beige center button about 3-1/2″ in diameter too for me at that site. For my sister Christmas gift, I will give A lovely soft heart in gray and pink wool that is also available in that site.

Hiring a Limousine Can Make Any Occasion Special

hire a limo

Going for an occasion and wish to make it special, you might buy a designer dress or go in your dad’s car. Why not hire a limo for your self which can make any occasion special for you. Whether it’s a hen night, stag nights, weddings, business party, birthday and anniversaries, school proms, corporate hires and bachelor parties, hiring a limo can add a special touch to it. People who use the limo hire service generally come for affluent section of the society but now with so many

limousine hire services around, prices offered are a good catch for anyone.

Weddings are one occasion which couples can’t forget whole of their life and can do everything possible to make it special. Riding to your wedding venue in a Limousine can add glamour to your wedding. By hiring a limousine, you are free from the headache of driving around in your car. The hired limo will pick you and the bridal party on time and will drop you at the wedding venue. Moreover, after the wedding, if you wish to go to the airport, limo will drop you right at the entrance of the terminal and the chauffeur will unload the entire luggage sparing you of all the troubles of parking. Even if you wish to take a sight seeing trip around the city, plan the trip itinerary well in advance so that the limo can take on the sight seeing trip.

Hiring a limo can be a good experience but few things you should know about the hire services. There are many hire services which offer limousine for such occasions. Prices vary for different services and depend on the hired model. To hire a limo, one needs to know the purpose for hiring a limo. Do you need it for a prom night or wedding or business party? Answering this will help in hiring the car for extended hours.

Another thing required for hiring a limo is the number of passenger going in the limousine. Limousines are rated as 6 or 8 and 10 passenger type but with a stretch limo hire you can accommodate a group of 18 people. Other thing is the requirement of a chauffeur for your ride but by hiring one you can make best of the ride. Also do not forget to ask for a chauffeur in a uniform which looks good. There are many models of limousine having various features like bar, DVD player, karaoke machine; audio systems and neon flash lights. Company will charge you differently for different models. Inspect the car from inside as well as outside, it should be well maintained and clean. It should be fully licensed so that you are not in trouble in case of accidents. Generally companies have a three hour minimum rental with cost ranging from to per hour and at times gratuity of 20% for the driver.

Hire a limo for making any occasion memorable and special and feel like a king. All you have to do is call the customer support staff and book a limo for yourself.

Limo brokers own a fleet of limo hire and coaches. Relay on them for cheap coach hire, limo hire London and wedding car hire.

How to Get Your Holiday Amazing

Holiday Cottage

Planning a holiday to make your mind fresh is something that you should really take. However, there are many things that you need to consider as you want to get a perfect holiday. The most important thing that you should consider to make a good vacation is choosing the place you want to go. There are many exotic places in the world and you can choose one of them. Each location offers you something different that you will never get in other places. When the time is come and you already choose the location, you have to think about its accommodation—how you get there, where you want to stay while in there, how many times you have on the holiday and where you will to go in there.

Most of the people do not want to spend their time and energy to make a cheap holiday; they prefer to choose a trip agency to handle anything they need on the vacation like choosing holiday cottages. We all know that when you choose the travel agency to help you arrange your holiday, the price is slightly different. However, it’s a good time to give travel agency your trust and they will deliver any needs you want to get on the holiday place.

Eco Friendly Strategies In The Car Hire Industry

Car Hire

The car hire industry has been criticised for many years over a poor environmental record. Campaigners have argued that the use of a hire car means the traveller is journeying in a selfish non-environmentally friendly fashion, claiming that if the traveller was to take public transport the impact upon the environment would be lessened to some extent. What campaigners negate to realise is that public transport is not always an option, in rural areas sometimes car hire is the only solution.

A rather weak argument developed by the car hire industry is that the use of a hire car is a valid and friendlier alternative to car ownership. Car ownership however is growing and if the car hire industry wants this argument to hold water, they have a long way to go. Thankfully the industry is making moves towards greener options when hiring cars, this conscience can be seen as a general response to a wider growth in concern over the impact the human race is having on the planet.

One move is an attempt to provide greater options for greener cars. This involves car hire companies investing in the acquisition of fleets of hybrid and low emission cars that have a less detrimental effect on the environment. For example the Swedish franchise of a large car hire company have invested in four hundred ethanol powered cars whilst in the United States over a thousand hybrid cars have been introduced by the same company. The name of the game is to reduce the emissions produced by the fleet by making a large constituent of the fleet either bio-fuel or hybrid cars.

Another major initiative by car hire companies is to publish information on the carbon emissions from each car in their fleet at the time of hiring. This is hoped that customers will see the environmental impacts in black and white and will respond by making greener choices. This has been heralded as a major step in the car hire industry; although not enforcing greener choices upon customers the pursuit of this policy subtly puts the choices into customer minds. As it is believed that most people have some form of environmental conscience, the move is hoped to reduce emissions as customers will readily adopt cars with fewer emissions.

Another tactic being fiercely pursued in the car hire industry is carbon offsetting. This process involves the company accounting for all of the carbon produced in the form of emissions by the entire company. The ways in which the carbon is being accounted for includes planting swathes of trees to create new woodland habitats and financing greener energy production techniques as well as new eco-friendly agricultural methods. The ultimate hope of a carbon offsetting policy is to make a company carbon neutral through a combination of these strategies.

The process of carbon offsetting is not yet however standard; seemingly, although car hire companies are heading down this route there is usually a premium to make your journey carbon neutral. Once again it is about providing the consumer with the choice of being eco-friendly, no company is going to increase their prices and forcibly ensure their customers are conscious of environmental concerns. Unfortunately there will always be a competitor who is willing to undercut their prices at the expense of the environment.

Although some players in the car hire industry can be applauded for their environmental efforts the changes are in no way widespread. Unfortunately for company executives the pursuit of eco-friendly policies is usually less cost effective than regular strategies. At least the industry can say it is trying, providing people with the option of being eco-friendly through carbon offsetting and cars run on less harmful fuels is a step forward. As long as most of us are willing to save the environment for the sake of our wallets, the transition to a completely environmentally friendly car hire industry should be possible.

Tax Return for Car Donation

Tax Return for Donation

I believe that some of us are having old car which we bought during our teen and we are not selling it because it will cost hundreds of dollars for the fix. Therefore, we keep the car in our garage for years because we don’t know what we should do with the car. Many people have such experience and most of them get their problem solved by giving their car for donation. Millions of Americans are doing the same thing to help others, remove their car maintenance cost and get IRS benefits.

The highest advantage of making Automobile Donations is definitely from IRS deduction. For example, if our car worth $ 2,500, then we will get nearly $800 for our tax deduction. It is definitely a great number. Well, unfortunately, in the fact, the donators’ cars were sold the car using third parties or agent and it influences the car selling price. Therefore, nowadays, IRS is giving an obligation to the donators to make a statement about the car selling, so they can get tax return.

Just like the regular selling, we can make some repairing or polishing to get better price on the car selling. However, it will not a problem if we are not making any reparation because car donations are receiving any car condition. If we want to Donate a car, make sure to understand the regulation and complete all the forms, so we can get our right for tax return.

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