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Sharepoint Development ? Cost-effective Sharepoint Development Services India

Get excellent Microsoft Sharepoint development solutions with our highly experienced team of SharePoint developers, SharePoint consultants and SharePoint designers. We provide wide-range of SharePoint development services at affordable cost. For more detail contact us at

At Hire Dot Net Developer India, our SharePoint development team delivers innovative SharePoint solutions that centralize your document storage, streamline content management system, enhance Business Intelligence gathering and ensure timely reporting so that stakeholders, employees, business associates and organization management can take right decisions at right time.

At Hire Dot Net Developer India, our SharePoint development team delivers innovative SharePoint solutions that centralize your document storage, streamline content management system, enhance Business Intelligence gathering and ensure timely reporting so that stakeholders, employees, business associates and organization management can take right decisions at right time.

They come up with custom SharePoint based content delivery, storage and management mechanism for your organization, which enables your executive and workers to share information/data over Intranet and Extranet so that right decisions can be taken at right time.

Microsoft SharePoint application development services with us:

• SharePoint Application Development
• SharePoint Customization
• SharePoint Portal Development
• SharePoint Web Parts development
• SharePoint Content Management
• SharePoint Design and Site Branding
• SharePoint Implementation / Integration
• Migrations and Upgrades to SharePoint 2010

With Hire Dot Net Developer India (HDDI) SharePoint development; their dedicated team of skilled SharePoint developers available for all websites, intranet, extranet and document management and information sharing which can be created and easily managed on a single platform.

Benefits of SharePoint Development with us:

• Rich Talent Pool of 100+ Dedicated Developers
• Successfully Completed 50+ Projects
• Hourly rates for Microsoft Certified Programmers
• Faster Installation & Configuration of MOSS, WSS
• 10+ Years of Industry Experience
• Significant Savings on Cost
• Free Initial Consultation

If you want to hire Sharepoint developer or want to get free quote for SharePoint application development services contact us at or email us on .

An Overview On Joomla CMS

For creating an inimitable and comprehensible website, one can utilize Joomla, a tool for content management. Structuring a website or blog with Joomla is an uncomplicated process. Installation and setting up of Joomla is as simple as that. It is created in such a way that people with any skill level can comprehend Joomla and start working on it.  

Joomla application is found to be beneficial for both large scale and small scale businesses.  Managing the website contents is the chief function of Joomla tool. It is identified to be the best open source initiator for content management. With PHP and MySQL as its pedestal, Joomla is able to provide excellent and innovative solutions to business needs. With the aid of Joomla, it is possible to create web directories, corporate websites, community portals, picture galleries, intranets and a lot more.

Based upon the abilities and functionalities, some Joomla extensions attain popularity.

JoomSEF, Xmap, community builder, JCE Editor, JomSocial, Virtuemart, and Slide show Pro module are some of the popular Joomla extensions. Those who are looking for advanced editing features can go for JCE editor. This extension will help you to manage fonts, smilies, conveniently load images and a lot more. Those who are looking for the features of Ajax email, additional profile fields and workflow management can choose community builder. Some websites will have the need of slideshows. By installing Slide show Pro module, it is possible to create any type of slide shows on a website. Likewise, Virtuemart extension will be suitable for Ecommerce websites. Therefore, Joomla extension has to be chosen according to the business type and requirement.

Securing your Joomla portal from hackers is imperative.  Apposite hosting environment, strong password, appropriate files permission, administrator username change after installation, backup set up and default database prefix change are some of the ways to protect your Joomla site. Joomla has numerous extensions. But it is not so that one has to install and explore all the available extensions of Joomla. Doing so may make you a victim of cyber hackers. So, ensure that the Joomla extension you choose is reliable, popular and also it has to be from a trustworthy source.

The way a website is designed helps in increasing traffic rate. The look and feel of a website has to be very impressive. The template of a website can make the magic of grabbing the attention of people. It is also possible to create customized Joomla templates for a website with the backing of Joomla developers.  With an efficient and expertise Joomla programmers it is possible to come out with a website that provides best experience for the users which in turn will make them recurring visitors. Only a skilled Joomla designer will be able to install a best application that suits your business. Hence, a website installed with appropriate Joomla application will function efficiently resulting with increased revenue in business.

Drupal CMS: Bursting With Potential

Drupal has been causing a buzz within the IT industry for a number of years, but has only gained a viable proposition for the enterprise market. With its convenient, on-demand CMS and web application framework, it is trusted by thousands of businesses, and organizations throughout the world for creating personal and corporate websites, ecommerce sites, social networking sites, and intranets.


As Drupal Development services have begun to take hold, several major benefits have become evident. These are:


Extensibility / Modulation

Drupal Extensions have really set the platform apart from the rest of the pack.  One main goal of the Drupal development company was to create a most extensible ecommerce system on the planet.

 And they succeeded, in a big way. This publishing platform has no virtual limitations of its capacities. It was designed to be robust as a whole but modular as a system. With fully documented CMS, you can easily add functionality to a website, such as adding a calendar, event handler, and other extensions to achieve specific requirements. By nature, this CMS is designed to be flexible enough to rise to any development challenge.


User Management

The user friendly system suggests registration, login, forgot password, and user permissions, providing a robust customization environment whereby both content and the presentation are customized based on user-defined preferences.

Drupal supports LDAP servers, and other authentication sources.

Flexibility and Conversion

Drupal now has an extension for Magento which helps integration of Magento into a Drupal based website. If you are converting from another platform, there are tools which allow you to import products, customers and order information from other carts such as OSCommerce and X-Cart.


Add or modify the content on your website

Drupal CMS is the cost effective way of releasing your organization’s intellectual capital to your customers. Simply put, this CMS enables you to add or modify the content on your website without taking the help of a web designer or a computer programmer, from anywhere and at any point of time.


Long Term ROI

Since this publishing platform is open source in nature and has no ongoing fees or licenses, it is cost effective as part of a long term strategy. Moreover, it also has an increasingly bright future as it consistently claims new market share in the CMS industry, and is a safe long term bet as a widely known, used, and maintained system – at minimal ongoing cost.



Drupal is a publishing platform which is gaining its catching its momentum globally with its outstanding features. Developers love its well-documented APIs. Designers love its flexibility. Site administrators love its limitless scalability.  

Ensure Smooth Workflow with SharePoint Services

A business is dependent on the quality of work it offers to the customers. All the products and services are targeted towards providing excellent user-satisfaction for generating higher profits. The functioning of an organization plays a huge part in establishing this aspect. The efficiency of the teamwork should be maximized in order to yield better results and increase the overall productivity. There are lot of tasks which require high accuracy and less timeline for finishing them. In this scenario, it is better to take the help of a software product than to rely on manual workforce for accomplishing such tasks.


They produce more accuracy and automate a lot of tasks, which consume much of the day. The processes can differ in time duration, complexity and priority.

A team may be required to share information, communicate with the client and respond to pending tasks at the same time. For this, they can easily take up the IT services. These companies will provide them with customized solutions based on their business’ requirements. SharePoint from Microsoft is one such tool, which has helped many organizations to perform such type of tasks. It is great collaboration tool for scheduling work processes, share information between different parties and storing information on central servers.


This tool was specially developed to serve business enterprises, as they have lots of complexities in their processes. The technologies and trends in the market are changing everyday and thus organizations are required to keep implementing new strategies for maintain their hold in the market.

With the help of SharePoint, companies can achieve much greater heights. It comes as a whole suite and offers a large variety of functionalities. SharePoint services can be easily customized with the help of web-parts, which are developed for accomplishing some special tasks through this tool.


In the latest version of this suite, a support for cloud has also been provided. This will let vendors offer their services by simply uploading it on the cloud and grant access through a login ID and password to the customer. Social networking sites are in great demand these days. They have completely changed the way of marketing for business organizations. People are now using it to promote their brands and services. The 2010 version of this application contains a feature for social media integration, which allows users to integrate their work with social media platform. SharePoint solutions can be integrated with other applications as well.


All the implemented solutions and applications for this tool can be integrated with other Microsoft applications for seamless flow of information. The information and data can be shared on different platforms, thereby increasing the productivity of teamwork. A lot of IT companies are providing services in this domain at highly affordable rates. The competition is huge in this market and this is the reason that companies are always eager to provide the best of services to gain market share in the industry. One can easily hire them for SharePoint support, which will give them a breakthrough in their business.a

Joomla – Funky Name, Great CMS

Content is king, right? This is absolutely true for present-day web sites. Gone are the days when web sites consisted of static pages with few areas of changing content. Web portals and web communities are the order of the day wherein content is updated not just daily but a few times a day! Businesses, big and small, have realized the importance of providing up-to-date information about their products and services on their web sites. All this, however, has led to a new problem – managing and organizing this growth in content.

Typically, development and maintenance of web sites needed some basic technical knowledge. If you are going to make your web site really dynamic, you will need to constantly update multiple aspects of your site. You’ll also need to keep track of changes to the content. Even with qualified staff, you may soon find that updates are not happening regularly, there are frequently occurring bottlenecks and the performance and appearance of your site is declining.

The demands of dynamic web sites have led to the development of specialized software called content management systems (CMS), of which Joomla, a free award winning software, is one of the most popular.

Joomla is a very powerful software that allows users to develop and maintain dynamic web sites.

While non-technical users can use Joomla to manage various aspects of the site including the content very easily, more technical users can use add-ons to make the site more powerful and actually build large-scale online applications. Joomla is being used to power all kinds of web sites – simple, personal or family sites; small business web sites as well as more complex corporate intranets and extranets; community portals; magazines and newspapers; government applications and so on.

Many web hosting packages now include the Joomla software and it is very easy to install.

Initial customization of Joomla may require some help from a technical person and includes setting up the basic template. The template includes the web site design and navigation system. This template contains a few editable areas but the overall look and flow of the site remains consistent throughout the site.

All you need to start using Joomla is familiarity with browsers and some basic word processing skills. Joomla uses a simple browser-based user interface for managing various aspects of the site. Through easy-to-use web based forms, you can update image or text content, create new content sections or pages, manage your employee listings as well as contact information, regularly update your product catalog or even set it up to take sales orders. When you want to change the appearance of the entire site, all you need to do is make changes in one template file to have it reflected throughout the site.

Joomla also makes it very simple to add new powerful features to your web site with just a click of a button. You can choose from any of the hundreds of extensions available – document management which allows you to index the kinds of documents on your web site, track the changes in them and make them easily searchable; image and multimedia galleries; forums and chat software; blogging software; mailing list management; shopping cart and complete e-commerce software and many more.

Joomla is a great tool for managing dynamic web sites but also a great platform for building more powerful, scalable web applications. If you’re building a new web site or overhauling your existing site, check into CMS software. Applications like Joomla make creating and maintaining a web site much easier.

SharePoint Services: More Collaboration & Improved Teamwork !

SharePoint Services hold profound significance when seen in the purview of their contribution to organizational behavior. These promote better coordination among employees of the organization and eventually lead to more productive results.

These services function like tools, which contribute in formulation of effective business processes and enable employees to get access to important information from organizational growth perspective.

Before SharePoint services arrived in the scene, business dashboard creation & maintenance was seen as a challenging task in which the custom codes had to be written and systematize data in such a way that business managers could easily monitor the varied processes & track their reports.

No exquisite programming skills are required in case of SharePoint services for creating KPIs within a single web browser, which all the relevant authorities can access in the organization.

These services have a strong point to its credit that these can pull out data from different sources including varied databases and make it visible to all the concerned people in an enterprise.

SharePoint services entail a rich repository of features & functionalities, which attribute to fast and affordable deployment. It facilitates a broad array of tasks within n organization, which gives a tremendous boost to collaboration & team work.

Let us take a glance at some of the tasks, which are facilitated by SharePoint applications Tasks including attendance/leave status, discussion database, document library, timesheet, employee training, employee training, project team site, HR programs, performance review , marketing campaigns, help desk dashboard, travel request, board of directors, event coordination, meetings announcements, expense reimbursement, hiring, IJPs etc.

This centralized database & resource pool increases communication among different layers of the organization, where open discussions improve transparency and mutual relationships. It’s exclusively helpful in offering a central platform for saving important documents with limited access to only the concerned people in the organization.

Experts can use this dashboard to share their knowledge related to their domain. New employees can use this platform to familiarize themselves with the work flow, work culture and other employees of the organization. Managers can keep a tab on the skill set of different employees and can allocate the tasks accordingly. They can also monitor the progress of their assigned projects from time to time and can suggest changes.

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Positive Aspects of Using Sharepoint Solutions

Sharepoint development can be better known as enterprise information portal wherein people can access information and data on numerous platforms including internet, extranet and intranet. The purpose of sharepoint solution is to improve productivity by way of bringing in transparency into the system.

Advantages of implementing Sharepoint solutions:

Being an integrated solution, sharepoint development is much easier and simpler solution. The solution enables users to send, receive and store data quite comfortably.

It boosts productivity by facilitating users to review documents, issue tracking, get approvals and other such things without implementing any code.

Managing information is the prominent demand in today’s growing business world. By using sharepoint development, users can store policies, manage auditing policies and control security settings as well.

One of the greatest advantages of using Sharepoint software is connectivity.

The software provides a solid platform for people to come and connect with each other in order to transfer information and data respectively.

Sharepoint software is known for its security & safety features while transferring information from one end to another. There is information that can be available to anyone whereas, private data can be locked as well.

The software allows developers to create business intelligence portals wherein users can store information from web portals, dashboards, key performance indicators etc.

Without implementing any kind of coding, users can use electronic forms that enable them to collect information and data pertaining to business requirements from customers, suppliers, partners via a web browser.

This particular feature helps in overcoming redundancy and eliminates errors from the manual setup.

Sharing of information without interpreting with sensitive issues can be made possible by using Sharepoint software solution. Interactive with Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet directly from a Web browser through Excel services which are running on Office SharePoint 2007.

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