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Graduating from college is both exciting and daunting. Its great to be out of school, but now you have to find a job. In today’s market finding a job can be a difficult task.

Most graduates dream of that perfect job, but it can be an elusive creature. The graduate must have exceptional skills to find a job in what is now a very competitive job market. This is often much harder than it looks.

After awhile many job seekers tend to get desperate. Almost any job will suffice, but even many of the lower paying service jobs can be difficult to secure.

Often the best things to do is to seek the advice and help of a professional. Harrison Barnes ( is a website that has many useful tools for the job seeker. is a professional career writer who specializes in material that is directly related to finding the right job or career. If you are seeking employment advice you may want to consider visiting this site.

At there is a job search feature that can be very helpful. There is usually something for everyone that is seeking a job at


Engineering Jobs in Oil & Gas

Environmental engineers are used extensively in the oil and gas industry. There are numerous types of engineering positions in the oil and gas industry. Some of the job classifications are geologists, drilling engineers, marine seismic data acquisition & processing consultants, field engineer, shale business development managers, sub sea maintenance managers, fluid engineering managers, senior rotating equipment engineers and instrument technicians. These are the main types of oil and gas jobs .

Environmental engineers are responsible for all issues specifically related to environmental safety. There are certain procedures and regulations that must be followed to ensure the safety of the environment. This is especially relevant to the oil and gas industry because, as recent events have shown, any oil or gas spill can cause irreparable damage to the environment and wildlife.

There are many different aspects to being an environmental engineer. It requires a lot of formal education and practical experience to become an expert in this field. Many of the jobs in oil and gas  require a specific education or extensive experience in a particular job classification. Even though the requirements can be rigorous the rewards can be significant as well.


Internet Job Search

The economy has been very difficult lately. Many people have lost their jobs. The unemployment rate is very high. Finding a job in today’s economy can be difficult. One of the best places to search for a new job or career is on the Internet. Using job search engines one can sort through a large number of job listings on the Internet. Job sites can provide a lot of tools that can be used to search for a job.

Assessing your situation is one of the first things that you need to do before beginning a job search. One of the first things a potential employer will ask you was why you left your last job. If you quit then you need to have a good explanation for why you quit. If you were fired then you need to understand why you were fired and be able to demonstrate to your new prospective employer why the things that got you fired won’t happen again.

There are lots of resources for finding a job on the Internet. One such resource is a job search blog. There are many sites that have job postings. You can browse jobs that interest you or that you feel you may be qualified for. It is important that you look for a job that you think you would enjoy and one you think you would do well in.

After the job search comes the initial job interview. The more informed you are about the job position and the new company the better you will do in the interview. A really good interview usually translates into a job offer. So if you are searching for a job or a new career you should use the Internet and its resources to help you find the job that you really desire.


Finding the Perfect Job

In today’s economy finding and securing a good job can be a daunting task. There are a lot of people looking for that perfect job. If you happen to be an Internet professional the job market can be especially tough. There appears to be a substantial number of Internet professionals seeking work and the competition for these types of jobs can be fierce. Fortunately, there is a resource that is providing help to those who want to work, either domestically or internationally, as an Internet professional.

That resource is has resources like their job board for designers. This is a free listing service that allows you to place your resume where it will get exposure to a large number of employers. In addition, many large corporations and employers list available jobs on the post a job board. This will dramatically improve your chances of securing the job that you want. Employers find that is a great resource for finding Internet professionals to work in their companies.

In addition to the job listings, has an affiliate program. The affiliate program will allow you to make money from any traffic that you send to the site.

So if you are interested in obtaining a job as an Internet professional or just an ambitious affiliate type then you need to go to

Oil & Gas Jobs of Environmental Engineer

The Environmental engineer job is included in the oil & gas jobs. This job is wanted by Senior geologist, Drilling Engineers, Marine seismic data acquisition & processing consultants, Field Engineers, Shale business development managers, Sub sea maintenance managers, Fluid engineering managers, Senior rotating equipment engineers, and instrument technicians. These are the main oil and gas job vacancies of environmental engineers. Fluids Engineering Managers are responsible for the preparation & review of drilling fluid programmers. Under general supervision, the incumbent will maintain electronic and mechanical equipment associated with Open Hole and Cased Hole operations to provide reliable well maintained equipment to insure service quality. They also promote safety awareness,  and environmental consciousness, and comply with all applicable safety and environmental procedures and regulations. Finally, they perform routine and preventative maintenance of oil & gas rigs. Job descriptions include: producing and organizing the required design package for a given project & the job descriptions. They also include: the production of conceptual layouts and surveys, the production of design drawings, checking of design drawings, initiation of squad checks,  being familiar with relevant codes & specifications, the generation of MTO’s, and working on the jobs in oil and gas schedule. accuracy of design documentation and MTO’s, the coordination of engineering activities with the other disciplines in the project,  the quality of the documents produced under ownership, input to tenders and proposal for Mechanical engineering and the next thing is the preparation  and maintenance of work plans for the department staff under his guidance. The goal is  to achieve the highest possible efficiency and utilization of the resources.

5 Recession-Proof Industries That Are Actually Hiring

It’s good to know that not every industry is impacted by the recession in the same way.  There are still those industries that continue to thrive in spite of what is going on in the world around them. Here are 5 recession-proof industries that are actually hiring.  Now you know where to look when you need a job.

Health Care

People get sick and injured.  A recession does nothing to change that so these people still need medical care.  Actually, a recession might make this field even more lucrative because people are stressed and that contributes to illness.  Add to this the  fact that the older segment of the population is growing in numbers and you can see why the health care field is recession-proof.  If you have skills that will allow you to get a job in this field then you will always be set.

Government Jobs

The government still needs to get everything that it does, done during a recession.  Add to this the fact that the government tries not to eliminate jobs if at all possible during a recession.  Instead, it tries to create new jobs to help the economy as a whole get turned around.  And once you get a government job then you can count on this job to be around.  Now, there may be some exceptions, but for the most part,  government jobs are pretty much recession-proof.

Miscellaneous Necessities

There is a group of jobs that is being called miscellaneous necessities for the purpose of this list.  These jobs provide services that people need no matter what the economy is doing.  Included in this group are: hair stylists, plumbers, and electricians.

Just think about it.  Do you need these workers any less because of an economic downturn?  Are you really going to go without their services until the recession is over?  You probably won’t and this is why these jobs are recession-proof.

Food Manufacturers

People have to eat, and in times like these,  people tend to over indulge rather than cut back on food.  Food is one of the pleasures in life that is still affordable, so people turn to it for that extra joy in life.  This is why food manufacturers are still hiring.

A side bonus is that food production workers often do not need special skills or training.  If you can find a job like this, then you can probably do it no matter how skilled or unskilled you are. While people eat out less during a recession, when they do decide to splurge,  they go for cheap food. So fast food restaurants tend to be safe in recessions too.

Movie Related Industries

People also turn to movies as an inexpensive pleasure.  While actually going to the movies may be expensive, staying home and watching them is not.  But even actual movie theatres are making big money when times are difficult. So, the movie related industries are still hiring.

These are 5 recession-proof industries that are actually hiring.  People cannot cut back on everything so some jobs are relatively safe.  All you need to do is figure out what people cannot live without and find a job that helps provide that.

Tom Rheinecker writes about how to get a Master in HR.

Looking For The Best Career Advice And Searching For Job? Is The Answer

Best Career Advice

Most of fresh graduates no matter boy or girl were overwhelmed. They were very excited about their graduations and job seeker things. They thought that after they graduate the next step is looking for a decent job which they think it should be easy to find. But, they never imagine that looking for a job nowadays is actually more difficult than ever.

In reality, they must have something special to be able to get the perfect position in a specific working field. Many of the fresh graduates think that they would have a bigger chance to be an executive in a fancy famous company. This is a common thing that everyone dreamed and misunderstand at the same time, since the fact is that it doesn’t happened like they have always imagined.

Maybe they can deal with the real situation for a while, but no one know how long they can take. As the result many of them will be dealing with desperation, frustrated and stressed with their current status and situation. And they end up looking for any kind of job, being so desperate to have one as soon as they can.

In the situation like this they definitely need help. career advice should be the best solution for this. is a personal site with many kind of useful information about career and working on jobs. Whether they’re employee or job seeker, it’s the right decision to visit the website to get more information and advice about what they should do and deal. And soon, they will get the best advices that hopefully will change their career and world.

Why this site is very useful when it comes to career and job? is a professional career writer who writes about everything that best relevant to career or job. The site provides many kinds of article about the job ideas . The most interesting part about this site is the new point of views that they provide in their career advices, employment advices and job ideas, that might give the reader whole new ideas and perspective. job search also very useful to everyone whose looking for job or fresh graduates in their process to get a job. This site will open their eyes, and soon they will have a job that suit to them , thanks to for the service to provide all important information, ideas, tips, and advice about anything that related to jobs.

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