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Mixing Profits with Pleasure: Baking Affiliate Programs

Two years ago, I featured cooking affiliate programs as my Niche of the Week. My cooking has improved greatly since I wrote that article, and so I have moved on to learning baking. I decided this week, while searching for yet another pastry recipe to try, that I might as well feature baking as my Niche of the Week. 2 topics, 1 round of research. Yes. Because it’s fun to multi-task. 🙂

According to, the baking industry accounts for about USD $300 billion in total economic output. More than a million Americans were employed, directly or indirectly, within the industry.

But never mind the statistics. Just head on over to Pinterest, or Google any recipe, and you’ll find plenty of websites full of baking recipes, clever decorating ideas, and tips  to make your recipes turn out great. I’m telling you now, you’ll be competing with A LOT of other websites in this niche. A thorough research into the niche though will help you select a good angle for your site and map out a marketing strategy.

Keywords: Sharp and Piping Hot

Yes, that’s right. Forgive the mixed metaphors here, but the keywords in this niche need to be sharp, precise, on the point, like a good knife. You’ll know they are because they will be piping hot and highly competitive, too.

You can go for the general, information keywords like “baking,” “bread recipes,” or “pastry.” These are low competition keywords with good monthly search values.

How does this work then?

I suggest you get a good fusion of product-specific, buyer-intent, and informative how-to keywords. This means baking recipes and guides sprinkled with product reviews here and there.

If you find you’re running low on keyword variations, you can use Keyword Spy or

Baking Affiliate Programs

As you probably know, I always check ClickBank before I venture out onto the web in search of affiliate programs. The ClickBank Marketplace did not disappoint this time. I was able to find several baking affiliate programs in the MarketPlace that are worth looking into.

Professional pastry chef and instructor Keiko shares her knowledge of how to create delicious baked confections through her website. She offers site members exclusive video lessons and unique recipes, too.

The recurring commission is 50% per sale.

The Macaron Master

If Keiko’s shows you how to make scrumptious bakery goodies, The Macaron Master shows you how to make delicate macarons. Their step by step guide shows you how to master macaron making and turn it into a home business.

Commission is at 35% per sale.

Turning Cupcakes Into Cash

Macarons not your thing? How about cupcakes? Turning Cupcakes Into Cash is for cupcake lovers what The Macaron Master is to macaron fans. Learn how to make cupcakes, and turn it to cash.

Unlike The Macaron Master, each sale of this product gets you 50% commission.

Cake Decorating Business Secrets

Another home business that stems from a baking skill: cake decorating. This guide to making a business out of decorating cakes offers affiliates 75% commission per sale.

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