Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook: Could These 5 Gadgets Lead to a Mini Cooking Revolution?

OK, so I have to start this off with something of a confession; as much as it pains me to admit, I am a terrible cook. Despite the fact that I have lived in England for most of my life, I am still incredibly proud of the fact that I am French born, and obviously not being able to cook causes me a great deal of embarrassment. This is especially the case when I enthusiastically inform strangers where I was born and they then jokingly invite themselves round for dinner as only the British are able to do.

Luckily for those who are as gastronomically-challenged as myself, there has been an array of gadgets that have entered the market recently. These have taken my fancy so much recently that they have galvanised my intention of finally being able to cook something other than the English speciality of ‘beans on toast’. While being able to master Coq au Vin or embark on creating my own brand of luxury biscuits may still be several years in the future, there are certainly enough items out of there to assist me in my foray into the world of culinary delights.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

If you are like me and struggle to even cook a bacon sandwich, I am sure that you will agree that cooking meat is one of the most challenging things that you can do. Luckily for us, there is a man who has the intention of helping us woo anyone with our cooking skills, while at the same time helping keep off those troublesome calories from finding a new home around our waists.

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about George Foreman’s revolutionary range of electric grill plates.

Slice It Up

While I can just about cut up a carrot adequately enough into circles of varying thicknesses, which is literally about it, I struggle to do much else. That is until I found this handy little slicer that even features a julienne blade, which enables me to fool even the most expert of cooks that I actually have a degree of French flair when it comes to cooking. Not only will you ensure that you don’t end up cutting off half of your finger, you will impress everyone who gets the privilege of sampling your cooking. One word of advice though, you will need to think about buying something to carry this nifty little friend around in just in case you end up being asked to chop vegetables by others!

Can’t Cook? Now You Can!

This is exactly what you have been waiting for! I guarantee that this will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. This really is a piece of beauty and is perfect if you struggle to keep tabs on more than one pot when cooking. Basically the Stone Microwave cooker prepares all of your main courses and side dishes all together under one lid in a microwave. What’s more, there is also a handy recipe blog if you need inspiration!

Now You Can Rest Easy

If you are like me and have spent several hours in A & E after burning your hand badly, then you will appreciate just how valuable the Snug is. In my defence, I didn’t quite realise just how hot a wooden spoon could get, and that is where the Snug becomes invaluable. This nifty gadget holds your spoon in place on the side of the pan while you are cooking and is worth every penny.

It Must Be Love, Love, Love

To conclude I am delighted to be able to bring your attention to a gadget which combines both my English and French tastes in food. Not only that, it also enables me to impress a lucky lady, whether I am cooking a fried-egg sandwich or a croque madame. Please do not think of me as something of a lothario, I actually consider myself to be quite the opposite. As you can see, these heart-shaped-eggs will help get you in your belle’s good books, while at the same time making her believe that it doesn’t take you 6 attempt to crack an egg!

Effective Tips To Choose An Effective Website Development Professional

The experienced web development company is going to have a really important role in making the brand name of a company more visible and increasing online reputation. Brand success on the internet does rely a lot on the experience of the web developer. Business managers from all around realize the importance of website development and try to find those companies that can actually bring in the best results for clients.

If you look on the internet, you will quickly realize the fact that there are dozens of web design firms that look great and that you can choose from. Locating one that you can trust is not easy. You will always need to consider the following in order to find an experienced website development Sydney professional.


Contrary to what you may think right now, the most important fact when choosing the company is how receptive it is. Most of the web developers these days are capable of delivering the work that you need but just those that are highly receptive are going to be able to actually understand what you need.

As an extra tip that is connected to this topic, try to avoid those firms that delay replies, especially before a contract is signed. This is just a sign that long term responsiveness is not going to be what you actually need.

Is There An Advisor On Staff?

Those companies that do offer the best possible web development service will always have an advisor that is capable of understanding requirements and that will advise clients about changes that may be necessary for a site to be more effective. A web developer that does take the time to analyze the wishes of the client and that does recommend some modifications based on past experience is always going to be preferred and should be considered.

Previous Projects

You have to be sure that you analyze the previous projects that were done by the considered development company. That will show you exactly what quality can be offered. If possible, get in touch with past clients. See how work went and see if there were problems you need to know about.

Talking With The Actual Developer

In most situations the person that you talk with from a considered company is not actually the web developer that will get the job done for you. That is definitely not great. You do want to be able to get in touch with the web development team so that you can actually end up faced with a clear understanding of who the work is done by.

Consider Legal Aspects

This is the last thing that should be considered as it is really important. Ask who will own the website code. That counts because it will highlight dependence on the considered firm. If you do not own the website code, you will be forced to keep coming back to the firm whenever a change is needed. If you do own the site code, you can make changes and work with other professionals whenever you want to switch firms.

7 Apps that Pregnant Women Must Have in their Smartphones

Believe it or not, there are more than a thousand apps geared towards pregnant women. You can literary spend hours and hours researching which apps are the best, and how will they accommodate you. Well, to make things easier for you, here are 7 apps pregnant women simply must have on their smartphone devices.

  1. Pregnancy Sprout

This app is personal and customized. It gives info and images that adapt to your baby’s gender. It is easy to follow the development of a baby which is based on your due date. It will also allow you to scan your pregnancy at a glance, plus you can add your baby’s name as well. The app is easy and fun, and you can share your experience by posting images of your baby’s development with friends and family. Another great feature is that you can plan your doctor’s appointments, and record the answers given to you by your doctor. You can also get advice from obstetricians and mothers about all the things you will need while in a hospital.  The pregnancy sprout has a weight tracker, contraction timer, and a kick counter too.

  1. Wee Mail

Wee Mail app is here to give you the satisfaction of receiving messages from your unborn baby.  You might not realize it, but your unborn baby has a lot to say. The problem is, up till now there had not been a way to do that. You can set your due day so that the app corresponds to your week-by-week of pregnancy.

  1. My pregnancy today

This app follows you through the entire pregnancy with information which is evidence-based and accessible. If you enter your baby’s due date, my pregnancy app will turn your smartphone into an expert guide. It will give you an opportunity to see your baby grow with fetal images that were developed by medical illustrators.  You will also have access to a checklist which tells you what you need to do, and remind you of any possible appointments and more. The thing that is so special is that the app will give you a unique view of your uterus with 3-D videos.

  1. Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer

Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer is one of the better apps that track your labor contractions. If you wish to track when a contraction started and when it ended, you just have to tap, and the app will do the rest. It will keep track of duration, times, and frequency of the entire labor. The history of you labor contractions will be saved. You do not have to keep the app open the whole period. The app also gives you an opportunity to email the data to health care professionals.

  1. I’m expecting – Pregnancy app

This app will keep track of everything you or your baby are experiencing. It will give you weekly updates about the growth of your baby, and it will track any symptoms you might have and then compare them with the information of some other moms. That information can help you to get rid of some doubts or uncertainties you might had. It will also keep track of the changes you go through. If you take photos of your baby bump, you can easily upload them into the Baby Bump slideshow, and watch how your baby grows.

  1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

It is a well-known fact that during pregnancy is hard sometimes to get a good night’s sleep. This app is designed not just for pregnant women, but for all those who have sleep deprivation . Just put on your headphones and drift away.  It has a calming and soothing effect. Just what a pregnant woman needs.

  1. Sleep Genius

This app promises to help people to fall asleep with some audio techniques. That probably sounds familiar but has a certain twist. It is more than just simple nature sounds. It utilizes composed sounds and music which at the end take advantage of scientific techniques which include “pink noise” and “binaural beats”. That’s the key toward relaxation and good night’s sleep. Pregnant women will see all the benefits this app provides. Even thought, it is not solely designed for pregnant women, it can be used by anyone with sleep disorders. It was developed by Fresh Consulting.

All these apps have one thing in common. They make people’s lives easier and add quality to our everyday routine.

10 best free project management software programs

1. Best free project management software: Trello

Trello utilises a project-management system developed by a former Toyota vice president, Taiichi Ohno. Every task is represented as a card, which allows you to create a visual representation of what is happening with a project. It is surprisingly effective And free if you can live with only 10MB of storage.


2. Best free project management software: Freedcamp

A more traditional type of project-management tool, Freedcamp is great for scaling up a business. It works perfectly well as a free tool for when you are starting a business, and costs very little to build on, with multiple paid-for bolt ons enabling new features as you go. It offers good admin tools, fleet management, and customer relationship management. Great for collaborating with colleagues and clients.


3. Best free project management software: Producteev

Producteev is rare in that it offers unlimited users and projects even on the free version. We can see no good reason to pay to upgrade, so if you want a long-term free project-management tool that is easy to use and flexible, look no further.


4. Best free project management software: GanttProject

Our first open-source project management tool, GanttProject offers all the features you could ever need, but has a reputation for being somewhat complex. You will never need to pay for it, however. And if you want project management software that can flex to your needs it comes recommended.


5. Best free project management software: Asana

Designed by Facebook founder Dustin Moskovitz, Asana benefits from a social-network-like level of untuition and ease. It is both simple, and effective, and offers a visual style that will help you get things done. Some users complain that it lacks the full feature set of some of the others mentioned here.


7. Best free project management software: 2-Plan Team

2-Plan offers great features for no cost, but navigating the way the software works can be tricky. In essence, get everyone working using 2-Plan Desktop, and then merge up the projects with 2-Plan Team. You won’t regret it.


8. Best free project management software: Bitrix24

Ideal for small businesses, Bitrix24 remains free forever, so long as you don’t exceed 12 users. Other great small- or home office features include the ability to communicate across multiple locations, and free cloud storage for your projects.


9. Best free project management software: BamBam!

Another tip for which we thank, BamBam! is free for up to 10 users, and allows unlimited projects and storage for those 10 users.

10. Best free project management software: Zoho Projects

Unlimited in terms of users and projects, the free version of Zoho Projects is limited to only 10MB of storage.

Is Dreamforce getting too big for its boots?

More than 160,000 people have registered to attend Salesforce’s annual conference this week in San Francisco but the city can no longer house them all.

Dreamforce has grown so large that the cloud software giant has been forced to pay for a 964 foot cruise ship to be docked at San Francisco’s Pier 27 due to a shortage of hotel rooms in the city.

The Celebrity Infinity cruise ship, which currently has a Salesforce balloon attached to its bow and has been dubbed “Dreamboat” for the week, can accommodate up to 1,100 people.

In addition to accommodating a number of conference attendees, Salesforce is also using the boat for a number of parties, including a media welcome party this evening. 

Last year, 135,000 people registered to attend Dreamforce, equal to approximately 12 percent of San Francisco’s overall population. 

The size of the conference means that it causes some disruption to locals, blocking roads and making it nearly impossible to book a table at certain restaurants.

But the overall economic impact is hugely positive. Last year more than $220 million was infused into the local economy during Dreamforce and that figure will only rise with more visitors. 

During this year’s Dreamforce, a number of well known figures from the business and entertainment world will make an appearance.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella are both due to make appearances, as is actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba. The conference will be closed with a gig on the waterfront that will see Foo Fighters, The Killers and Gary Clark Junior play.

Box CEO Aaron Levie is also speaking at Dreamforce. He took to Twitter to explain his feelings on the conference.

Several other large technology conferences, including Apple’s WWDC and Google I/O, take place in San Francisco every year, with most of them centred around the Moscone Centre, which has close to a million square foot of space.

Know if your PC is infected with Viruses, Trojans or other Malware

The reason why most computer malware are so deadly is because many users fail to recognize whether they have been infected or not. Had they detected the infection at an earlier stage, the damage caused could have been greatly reduced. As each virus is programmed differently, it becomes difficult to identify a virus outbreak. However, there are some general symptoms that make it easy to detect an infected computer. Here are some of them:-

1) Programs won’t start or crash suddenly: If some system programs like the task manager or registry editor have suddenly stopped working or crash randomly without any visible reason, it is more than likely that your computer has got some form of worm that is attaching itself to various programs and thus, corrupting their code. A virus modifying registry entries to prevent these programs from running could also cause this.

2) Unusual Network Traffic: If even after closing your browser and other applications that may use the internet, you see that your computer is still downloading or uploading anything, then your computer is possibly infected with some form of spyware that is either downloading other viruses to your computer or is uploading your private information to a remote computer. In case you use a wifi connection, it is also possible that your neighbors are using your network. If that indeed is the case, you need to make sure that wireless network is properly secured.

3) Internet Connection not available or is slow: If suddenly, your internet connection has stopped working or has become extermely slow, it is possible that a malware is the cause. However, problems with your internet service provider could also be the cause of such issues.

4) Annoying Popups or Redirection to Strange Websites: If there has been an increase in the number of annoying popups while browsing the internet or your web browser redirects you to a different website from the one you wanted to visit, a virus or adware might be the cause.

5) Computer won’t boot: If your computer has suddenly stopped booting, it is possible that some malware has modified your computer’s system files. In such a situation, re-installing or repairing your operating system might be the only solution.

6) Slow Computer: Some viruses are designed specifically for this purpose. Malware programmers achieve this by designing viruses that increase your CPU’s usage level to 100%. If on running the Task Manager, you find that your CPU’s usage is constantly at 100% level, a malware might be the cause.

7) Programs start automatically: Some viruses and adware automatically start strange programs on your computer in order to show unwanted advertisements or simply to frustrate users.

8) Unusual File Associations: Some viruses change .exe or other file associations which prevents these files from opening. Some viruses also do this to automatically start themselves when a file of a particular type is started.

9) Security Software Disabled: Most malware disable antiviruses and firewalls to prevent themselves from being detected. If only a single software stops working, it might be a specific software failure issue. If it is a general trend and almost every security software is facing this issue, a virus infection is most likely.

10) Weird Behaviour: If your computer automatically starts sending emails or opens strange applications randomly or does things different from its “normal” behaviour, your computer is most likely compromised by malware.

Most malware infections can however be avoided by using a powerful antivirus software and following some best security practices.

London’s top 10 cyber-security companies – SaaS, encryption, mobile security and beyond


A surprise to those who still associate the company with old-world telecoms but BT is now a major player in the security services space, offering BT Assure Managed Cloud, DDoS mitigation, managed firewalling, and SIEM threat monitoring. Earlier this year, BT integrated cyber threat security system from startup Darktrace (see slide 6) while further back in time it acquired Bruce Schneier’s security startup, Counterpane, in 2006.


Better known for its global business accountancy services, PwC (or PricewaterhouseCoopers) is a privately-owned network of affiliated firms that has built a commanding presence in security consultancy. The firm has partnerships with a range of companies in the space including, recently, security ‘unicorn’ Tanium. Provides research for the annual Information Security breaches survey in conjunction with the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).


Founded in 2005, Silobreaker has made its name in business and network analytics. In cybersecurity, the firm’s software can automate the process of trawling through large numbers of data feeds – social media, websites and news – to deliver reports on any security topic from specific attack types to known groups that might be of interest to a business.


A specialist in endpoint encryption for Window and Android, Becrypt also offers port/USB control, iOS mobile device management, and thin client technology such as the innovative tVolution secure client on a USB stick Techworld wrote about in April.

Acuity Risk Management

Sells software risk management system called STREAM used by large enterprises to assess governance, risk and compliance (GRC). The latest version V4 allows admins to build detailed custom reports.


Despite being founded in Cambridge with money from Mike Lynch’s Invoke Capital, Darktrace now boasts a London HQ to back up its offices in the famous University town – these days the firm might accurately be seen as being half way between the two cities. Building a stellar reputation for its Enterprise Immune System, a fully-fledged cyber-defence system technology for spotting anomalies on networks. In March formed an important partnership with BT.


Founded in 2013 by the founders of ScanSafe (sold to Cisco in 2009), Wandera specialises in mobile security, offering customers its Secure Mobile Gateway as a security service. Based on a mobile app directing traffic through a proxy, Wandera is an innovative combination of cloud and mobile security in one system more often pioneered by US security firms.


Founded in 2007, SentryBay has assembled a wide range of security products for different business sectors – Data Protection Suite (DPS), Armoured Browser (banking), Anti-Keylogging, E-Vault, mobile security and even Internet of Things. Works closely with a range of partners, including Barclays, Geico, Check Point, and American Express.


Privately held and founded during the boom, Citicus sells risk and compliance management software in the form of its Citicus One platform. Noted for its ability to visualise risk, can be used on premises or as a service. Mature and with an extensive list of customers, Citicus has established itself in its field in an unflashy, under-stated British way.


A London-based startup with a strong Russian presence among its founders, Protectimus sells two-factor authentication technology using one-time passwords (OTPs) and tokens for integration into larger IT systems as a service. Once an expensive security niche, two-factor hardware tokens are becoming a standard technology across a growing number of enterprises.

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